mandag den 15. januar 2018

writing: LV

"God knows you've tried, but you can't let go of what you used to have. From the people to the little comforts that made your everyday aboveground pleasant and so easy compared to this. You don't feel there is anything wrong with clinging to those memories although some people certainly like to blame you for it. You just want to see the sun again! Humanity wasn't made to live in the dark!"

"As a servant of the morrow, you do not let yourself be chained in grief and inaction because of things that happened in the past. Instead you work hard and with determination to improve the future for your community and for those you love. This drives your research, where you are meticulous and calculating, yet daring in your theories that usually go further than those of your colleagues. You strongly believe scientific discoveries will be instrumental in leading the way forward for humanity, and as such, one must have the courage to go where the evidence points."

"You don't believe in nourishing dangerous fictions with empty promises that everything will be okay, and you don't have a whole lot of fucks to give about ancient emotional hang-ups that keep people from doing their part. You aren't here to make sure everyone feels "nice", you're here to make sure the barely functioning machine that is the budding society of Thermopylae is well-oiled and that all the parts are running at maximum effort. So when someone from SURFOP is freaking out, putting their team in danger  by making shoddy, emotionally charged decisions out of fear or anger or whatever, you are the one who're sent in to teach them to calm the fuck down."