lørdag den 26. marts 2016

Life hacks

in order to spend less time being actively alive, go to bed at nine, and take frequent, long showers.

try to go through all emotional activity at once; one half hour of intense cry-laughing in the face of a loved one can save you hours and hours of valuable work time. 

release tension through unnecessary risk-taking.

worried about not being able to live up to your potential? Jump right to the regret, start drinking heavily today rather than tomorrow.

haunted by past mistakes? Befriend someone who makes terrible decisions. Reap the rewards of self-satisfaction.

finding existence tiresome? no longer motivated by promises of a brighter future? feeling numb or exhausted? Try petty crime; shoplifting, drug-use or the kidnapping of a neigbour can be a fun, invogorating adventure, like play-dough, but for adults.