onsdag den 25. april 2018

A lot of us are only pretending. The truth is, once society became this patriarchal, there wasn't room for most men in it any longer. The military ranks have been reallocated and renamed a number of times. Currently the fourth link in the chain of command on any given ship in the Navy is Future Hero because there just isn't enough decorated officers left. The higher ups are constantly seeking to rid themselves of their rivals; thinking that, in theory, only the most powerful opponents are a threat, but quickly realizing that as soon as they've emptied a seat someone else is already shuffling to fill it. So, this island nation of ours has become a society of the old, the weak, and of women dressed as men in constant fear of awakening the jealous wrath of their superiors, but in greater fear of the farms we would otherwise have to live out our lives on. Led toward the final night of the nations by strong leaders, ultimate alphas, who are physically incapable of thinking of anything but their own glory in any given moment. The waters are waiting darkly, and I grab your hand, smiling warmly as we hide together in plain sight, hoping to wait out even this.

- dream of a flooded, global Pan-America governed by military forces and men who have become almost like animals after the spread of some testosterone-boosting disease.