lørdag den 26. august 2017

Inside Hamlet

One thing might stop you in your terrible trajectory. You’ve seen a youth across the throne room. You’ve noticed their innocent smile, their beautiful hair. Is this? Could this be? The very image of Emily, your long lost love from ages ago has stood before you. Is it her ghost or could she have found a way to cheat time? Is it a child, a grandchild of the fallen woman who is of yet undestroyed and could be yours the way their ancestor never was?

I'm currently writing characters for the Shakespeare inspired interactive theatre event Inside Hamlet, which will take place at Elsinore castle October 27-29 and again November 3-5 2017. 

The game is set in the 1930s, in a world where the revolutions never happened. But now they are coming, and the Reds are moving in. The last of Danish Nobility have barricaded themselves at Elsinore, hoping to wait out the storm, but destined to die.

You should get tickets.