tirsdag den 10. november 2015


Goal for the next three days:
Read for Art Theory: Fashion and Temporalities. Feel mortally offended by Nietzsche's view on women's wear, continue onwards in good spirits to Barthes and The Language of Fashion. Be thankful that my classes are on such interesting subjects. Supplement with some Lehman and other thoughts on clothes and language.
Educate myself on Victorian writing and empire. Think fondly of Edward Said while battling John Ruskin and Rudyard Kipling. Be upset with Britain in general but inspired by the British university system.
Enjoy some quality time with the Pre-Raphaelites' relationship to the past. Read through no less than seventeen texts on time before and after Raphael.
Formulate a plan for an essay on the subject of transgressions of hyperrealism into the fantastic in art inspired by the Dutch masters. Must include either phenomenology or semiology. Read Wittgenstein's philosophy of pictures. Mold own methodological approach. Attempt to find some theory on Otto Frello. Consider the decay of matter and how nothing really matters. Do the same for the 19th century, except look at Vernon Lee and Kant's sublime, possibly Faust, Carlyle, Kristeva, the uncanny, and discuss the artist hero's fatal attraction to an immanently evil inspiration which will surely consume him just as if it was a woman (because yeah, that didn't happen last week, as you are SUPPOSEDLY not supposed to cough up blood. Who knew, right?). Cry. Read about the devil. Come up with yet another essay and do the research and put together a bibliography for Eleanor F-Brickddale's The Little Foot Page which hangs in Liverpool, look up cross dressing as a performative but totally normal act in theatre of earlier ages. Read all the Scottish ballads, stare at Queen Guinevere and her bread rolls while meditating on memory, mourning and the modern life subject. Tinker with tensions between old and new, and possibly, possibly contrast evil and neutral androgony.

Tactic so far: 
Get drunk and draw. Repeat.